Kasba Online Academy offers you a dynamic and live opportunities to have the touch of brightest minds of Kasba Upazila and Bangladesh. Our perfect selection of scholars, robust list of subjects and issues provides a variety ways of education to expand your learning, to broaden your horizon of thinking, to make your dream bigger like the Himalayas, to advance your career, to do your business best, to enhance your present situation, to have peace and development in life.
Kasba Online Academy, a non-profit organization, is a sister concern of Search Organization of Kasba, a pioneer of social work since 2011. This academy is available in kasbonline.com, Social Media, Youtube, & other online tools. We thrive for intellectual curiosity and an innovative spirit.
Kasba Online Academy will make available online resources for all. Personalized learning videos, tips of life skills, ways for career choosing, points to be successful Job-exams, inspirations to be entrepreneur, and guidance for a better life are some of the examples.